What you get

The benefits to you of custom order

The internet is saturated with adult content of every persuasion. No matter your interest, there's something for everyone. But in some cases, you may feels that if only videos were made with certain considerations in mind or with a particular model, in a particular outfit, in a particular situation - that would be amazing!

Well, that's why custom orders exist. They're a way to get you to influence how the video is created.

What we offer in the custom order side of our company is to allow you to influence how we make our videos. In other words, you pay to have your fantasy come to life, in one of our videos, that we own exclusively. We do not offer the creation of videos for others to own exclusively or to sell or distribute. That's not the business that we're in.

When you place a custom order with us, you get to influence the following;

  • Choice of models
  • Choice of wardrobe
  • Choice of fetish action
  • Choice of positions and restraints
  • Choice of script (if there is one)
  • Choice of props if needed
  • Choice of style of production

It's important to understand what we mean when we say that you get to influence. What we mean is that what you request in your order is what we first consider for the video. But there are times when we must use our judgement or when circumstances preclude us from doing as you ask. Here are some examples of why we may not deliver as you request.

  • Two models are requested and one of them cancels on us. We would then use an alternate model, because we cannot break our commitment to the model who is showing up as agreed.
  • You request certain wardrobe, but neither the model, nor us (the studio) has that wardrobe. We inform you and choose alternate, appropriate wardrobe. You do have the option to pay to have us buy the wardrobe that you really want. But please note that it is our policy that any wardrobe we buy becomes the property of the studio. So please consider this carefully before choosing this path.
  • You provide a script with lots of dialogue, and even more challenging, you provide a script that requires the talent to say lines while also engaged in fetish activity. Please remember that we're working with fetish models (95% of the time) and not actresses. Also, lots of dialogue can mean that we have to shoot and re-shoot until the talent gets the lines right - leaving even less time for the fetish action.
  • You request a camera angle that really doesn't work with the scene. In such cases, we use our seasoned production judgement and use the camera angle that works best. We really are committed to producing high quality content and would rather disappoint a custom order client, than make content that looks like a production error. 
  • You request action that could expose the talent to risk of physical or emotional harm. The talent's safety will always win over a customer's fantasy. Fantasies are most often void of real-word experience. So, they often don't understand that risk of harm involved. We are committed to safe media production at all times. 

Custom order samples

Customer fantasies coming to life

What models should know about our custom orders

Regarding booking models for our custom order shoots, we do not pay any differently for our custom order shoots or our original content shoots. We book time with you and that is all. Our rates of pay are not affected by the originality of the content.

Models should also know that we do not try to interfere with their right to shoot custom videos for any customer. That is their business. We encourage models to take and fulfill their custom orders and remember that the #1 complaint from customers to models re: custom orders is that they often take weeks or months to deliver or even worse, they sometimes take the money and simply never deliver at all.

Please protect your reputations by keeping your word with your customers.


The models listed below are available for custom orders with us. Please review the listing to make your selection for your custom order.

Adara Jordin

Bella Lovez
(Out of state)


Dacey Harlot


Daisy Mae


Danni Stone

Ella Chaplin

Freya Von Doom



Helena Price


(Out of state)


Jaded Dawn
(Out of State)


Jae Lynn


Lola Taylor
Lucy Purr

Macey Cartel


Madame Amiee
(Out of state)

Maria Jade


Maya Farrell


Goddess Meiko

Nadia White


Nyssa Nevers




Princess MJ

Reagan Lush


Reina Ryder


Sally D'Angelo


Shelly Dare

Sorceress Morgana


Sushii Xhyvette


Sydney Paige


Terra Mizu


Please note that this listing is periodically updated, adding new models and removing those who move on. So, be sure to check back. Additionally, we may add more model data as our team frees up some time. If the model that you want is not listed, please inquire at Orders@CustomzPlus.com to see if we can book her for your order.