Fetish Model Tickle Survey

We asked fetish models some tickle related questions. Here's how Sushii responded.

What kinds of things do you really like to hear from tickle fans? That my laugh sounds bad ass.
What is your least favorite way to be bound for tickling? stretched out
As you are arriving at a tickle shoot that you know will be very intense, what goes through your mind? I hope I survive this 
What kinds of things do you really HATE to hear from tickle fans? If I look bad.
If you had to choose between being spanked hard or tickled intensely, which would you choose and why? spanked, because that's MY fetish
The very first time that you heard that some people get turned on by tickling other people and by seeing other people getting tickled, what did you think about that. (Please be honest and say what you actually thought and not what you think the 'right'answer is. Autheticity is more interesting here.) I hate being tickled.
If you have ever been the tickler at a shoot, how did you feel to be the one doing the tickling? Did you feel compassion for the ticklee or did you feel powerful? I felt power.
Imagine that you're eating along in a restaurant and you've slipped your shoes off to relax. At the table next to you, a single guy sits. He sneaks glances at you. You then notice that he's looking at your feet a lot. You don't know this guy. What happens next? I twiddle my toes just to see what his face does.


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